Wasps and Sting Prevention

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Any occupation working with either the smell of food or with disturbance of habitats where there may be wasps is at high risk from wasp stings. 

The following lists are not exhaustive but give some indication of employers and employees who should take special measures to protect against, and give prompt treatment for, wasp stings. People who may disturb wasp nests in the course of their work are at higher risk of multiple stings than those working with food smells. Multiple stings can be life threatening in the absence of systemic allergy. Prompt medical care should always be obtained for multiple stings. 

Occupations working with food smells

  • Shop assistants
  • Food outlets
  • Bin men
  • Ice cream sales
  • Cleaners
  • Land fill & Council tip workers

Occupations disturbing potential wasp nests and flower foraging

  • Groundsmen
  • Farmers
  • Verge cutters
  • Builders
  • Land fill & Council tip workers