Wasps and Sting Prevention

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Development of this website began in 2007 after finding the previous year that there were several problems with internet advice on the specific treatment of wasp stings and the realisation that the need to prevent wasp stings was a largely neglected topic.  For reference material see Publications.

Advice on the internet is complicated by the following:

  • The absence of a list of treatment advice that is complete
  • The confusing range of reactions from acute pain, local allergic response and infection to potential death from systemic allergy
  • Potential bias in sting aftercare given alongside advertisements for products to kill or deter wasps and products to treat stings
  • Websites with useful information submerged in lengthy information on science or pest control  
  • Websites dealing simultaneously with, and therefore confusing, insect bites and insect stings  
  • Undifferentiated sting aftercare for wasps and bees
  • Preferential search terms: “bee + sting” results in more useful hits about wasps than “wasp + sting”
  • Occasionally treatment of stings is placed alongside advice on jelly fish and scorpions.